Françoise Selhofer,Monica Saurma

Help! Where are the Instructions for this Child

HELP! Where Are the Instructions For This Child?
Sometimes, parenting might look like a lost case. Sometimes, children run havoc in our lives — just so. Sometimes, children react in a way which looks utterly alien to adults. Sometimes, children respond with ideas and emotions which we would not expect from someone so young.
Do you think you might have one of these “AMAZING CHILDREN”?
In comparison, taming a tiger might look easy…
This is a unique book which gives an insight into these precocious, intuitive, determined children, who are full of joy, imagination, creativity and wisdom, yet they think and behave differently. Children who seem to consider themselves to be at the same level as adults.
How to recognize them?
How to better understand them?
How to interact with them?
This short, clear, practical book helps to explain these children and offers suggestions, tips and some novel approaches for parents who are searching for ways to communicate with their children in an atmosphere of mutual respect.
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Machandel Verlag
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