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Williams-Sonoma: Weeknight Fresh & Fast

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Easily put delicious, wholesome meals on the table every night of the week with more than 100 recipes for meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetarian dinners.
Reflecting author Kristine Kidd’s practical and flavorful approach to cooking, Weeknight Fast & Fresh offers quick, easy, and healthy dinner ideas for any time of the year, with dozens of choices for poultry, meat, seafood, pasta, egg dishes, soups, stews and more.
Using fresh produce as the foundation, Kidd transforms fresh ingredients into delicious dishes: a lemony sauté of chicken cutlets, asparagus, and sugar snaps for spring; quickly grilled lamb chops with chunky peach salsa for summer; a comforting risotto with earthy vegetables and creamy blue cheese for fall; juicy roasted salmon topped with tangy grapefruit and avocado relish for winter. Many recipes are perfect for two people and can easily be scaled up to serve more.
Organized by season, chapters open with advice about the fresh ingredients and cooking methods best suited to the time of year. Also included are ideas for quick vegetable sides and fruit desserts as well as advice on stocking the pantry. Clever tips throughout offer enticing ways to round out meals, customize recipes to personal tastes, menu-planning strategies, and helpful ideas for turning leftovers into new suppers later in the week.
With this solution-packed title on the shelf, you’ll have a reliable road map for eating well every night, no matter what the day brings.
• Quick weeknight meal ideas for spring, summer, fall, winter
• Ideas for rounding out the meal with quick sides and fruit-based desserts
• Tips offer time-saving strategies, ideas for using leftovers, and more
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