James S.Spiegel

The Lord of Paradox

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In seventy poignant yet whimsical stanzas, the Lord of Paradox moves from the Genesis creation account through the book of Revelation. It highlights the theme of paradox in the Christian worldview, powerfully displaying the beauty and wonder of the Gospel. How could the Fall of humankind in the Garden ever be redeemed? How could God use a deeply flawed people like Moses and David to be his spokesmen in Old Testament times? Why would a holy God have mercy on such rebellious people? Who would expect Israel's Messiah to come in such a humble form? How could the Son of God be treated so horribly when his entire life on earth was marked by love and mercy? How could his suffering and death be a means of redemption and eternal life? How could he be simultaneously human and divine? How could God be a single being in three persons? These are just a handful of the dozens of paradoxes--apparent contradictions which are nonetheless true--that distinguish the Christian faith. They are genuine logical puzzles, yet at the same time they are markers of truth--yet another paradox. The Lord of Paradox is also features vivid expressionistic illustrations which enhance the reader's rhymed journey through the exquisite wonder of the Christian faith.
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