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Henning Mankell

Firewall: A Kurt Wallander Mystery

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An international bestseller: Murder becomes a high tech game of cat and mouse in this “thinking man’s thriller” from the master of Nordic noir (The New York Times Book Review).
Ystad, Sweden. A man stops at an ATM during his evening walk and inexplicably falls to the ground dead. Two teenage girls brutally murder a taxi driver. They are quickly apprehended, shocking local policemen with their complete lack of remorse. A few days later a blackout cuts power to a large swath of the country. When a serviceman arrives at the malfunctioning power substation, he makes a grisly discovery.
Inspector Kurt Wallander senses these events must be linked, but he has to figure out how and why. The search for answers eventually leads him dangerously close to a group of anarchic terrorists who hide in the shadows of cyberspace. Somehow, these criminals always seem to know the police department’s next move. How can a small group of detectives unravel a plot designed to wreak havoc on a worldwide scale? And will they solve the riddle before it’s too late?
A riveting police procedural about our increasing vulnerability in the modern digitized world, Firewall “proves once again that spending time with a glum police inspector in chilly Sweden can be quite thrilling . . . A notable success” (Publishers Weekly).
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The New Press
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    God roman

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    He had a firewall inside himself, and he didn’t always know how to get past it.
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    Somewhere deep inside there was probably a flicker of happiness, but for the moment a feeling of emptiness dominated.
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    He would disappear into the final darkness with his face pressed down into the cold wet clay, and he wasn’t even wearing any shoes.

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