Tony Clerk

Before You Get Cupped

Before you get cupped! Wait! Let me tell you what you must hear. Though cupping therapy is becoming popular, there is a need for you to be armed with necessary knowledge before you begin any cupping session.

Are you suffering from pains? Are you plagued by indigestion? Do you want a natural therapeutic remedy for a healthy life? Do you feel stiffness in your joints? Do you want great mental agility?

Then try cupping therapy which can:
Relief your pains

Heal stiff joints

Increase the flow of blood to vital organs such as the brain giving you’re a strong mental agility

Treat indigestion

Enhances relaxation, etc.

In this book, we have covered both the expert and the beginner. You will find:

How to cup yourself without a therapists

How to pick the best therapist

What cupping therapy oil to use

How to prepare for a cupping session, etc.

If you have been looking for a solution to your cupping therapy or are thinking of beginning the therapy, then look no further. Get this book now.
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