Minhee Cho,Vane Broussard

Weddings in Color

“This book shows just how modern and fun a very traditional day can be.” —Darcy Miller, celebrations expert, editorial director of Martha Stewart Weddings
In this guide, Vané Broussard (founder of the uber-popular blog Brooklyn Bride) and Minhee Cho (of the covetable paper company Paper+Cup) team up to present hundreds of entirely modern style ideas for every aspect of a wedding, in eight eye-catching and vibrant color palettes. From pretty floral crowns to die-cut invitations, altars made from balloons, and so much more, these ideas are anything but traditional. Simple DIYs will spark creativity while interviews with industry experts provide important insider info. Lusciously designed and bursting with vivid photography, Weddings in Color has everything brides need to design a stunningly colorful affair.
“From elegant touches to subtle details, Weddings in Color doesn’t miss a beat. It’s filled with fun and inventive ideas and even manages to make white look like a bold color choice, perfect for the contemporary bride!” —David Stark, event planner and designer, David Stark Design
“Broussard and Cho have a fantastic talent for style, and their emphasis on the modern offers brides-to-be chic ideas in a sophisticated package.” —Library Journal
Weddings in Color is the best wedding idea book I’ve ever seen. Well curated and beautiful to look at, it is the perfect gift for anyone planning a wedding.” —Jordan Ferney, founder of Oh Happy Day!
“In this clever book, Vané Broussard and Minhee Cho offer a simple and modern approach to beginning the wedding planning process. The book, organized by color, will enable couples to dive in without fear.” —Marcy Blum, event and wedding producer, Marcy Blum Associates
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