Albert Rutherford

The Systems Thinker

The second edition is now available!

Find the optimal solutions to your problems. Gain a deep understanding of the “what, why, how, when, how much” questions of your life.

Become a Systems Thinker and discover how to approach your life from a completely new perspective.
What is systems thinking? Put it simply, thinking about how things interact with one another.
Why should this matter to you? Because you are a system. You are a part of smaller and larger systems — your community, your country, your species. Understanding your role within these systems and how these systems affect, hinder, or aid the fulfillment of your life can lead you to better answers about yourself and the world.
Information is the most precious asset these days. Evaluating that information correctly is almost priceless. Systems thinkers are some of the bests in collecting and assessing information, as well as creating impactful solutions in any context.
The Systems Thinker will help you to implement systems thinking at your workplace, human relations, and everyday thinking habits.
Boost your observation and analytical skills to find the real triggers and influencing forces behind contemporary politics, economics, health, and education changes.
Systems thinking clears your vision by teaching you not only to find the differences between the elements but also the similarities. This bi-directional analyzing ability will give you a more complex worldview, deeper understanding of problems, and thus better solutions.
The car stopped because its tank is empty — so it needs gas. Easy problem, easy solution, right? But could you explain just as easily why did the price of gas raise with 5% the past month? After becoming a systems thinker, you’ll be able to answer that question just as easily.

Change your thoughts, change your results.

•What are the main elements, questions and methods of thinking in systems?
The most widely used systems archetypes, maps, models, and analytical methods.
•Learn to identify and provide solutions even the most complex system problems.
Deepen your understanding about human motivation with systems thinking.
The past fifty years brought so many changes in our lives. The world has become more interconnected than ever. Old rules can’t explain the new world anymore. But systems thinking can. Embrace systems thinking and become a master of analytical, critical, and creative thinking.
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