John Englehardt


Winner of the Dzanc Books Prize for Fiction
An Indies Introduce pick
«Hugely important, hauntingly brutal—Englehardt has just announced himself as one of America’s most talented emerging writers.» —Kirkus starred review

Bloomland opens during finals week at a fictional southern university, when a student walks into the library with his roommate’s semi-automatic rifle and opens fire. When he stops shooting, twelve people are dead.
In this richly textured debut, John Englehardt explores how the origin and aftermath of the shooting impacts the lives of three characters: a disillusioned student, a grieving professor, and a young man whose valuation of fear and disconnection funnels him into the role of the aggressor. As the community wrestles with the fallout, Bloomland interrogates social and cultural dysfunction in a nation where mass violence has become all too familiar.
Profound and deeply nuanced, Bloomland is a dazzling debut for fans of Denis Johnson and We Need to Talk About Kevin.
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    Maria Talatцитуєторік
    The fact that you have taken his life means it was always yours to begin with.
    Maria Talatцитуєторік
    You wonder why you are a terrible person, why you’re giving up your ability to be normal, moving into an abyss of anger and fear that could be avoided, if you just knew how to move on.

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