Roosnam Seefan

Glamour of the Mountain

Mountain is defined as an elevation of the surface with considerable mass. And if we consider the world of technology, especially mobile devices, Apple has reached a height which is greater than the other players in the industry. Moreover, Apple has been maintaining the leading position in the mobile devices industry for the last ten years. Meanwhile, they are using their own operating system to run these smart mobile devices. The operating system knows as iOS is the heart of all these devices. The true functional glamour of these devices is fully dependent on iOS.

During the WWDC 2018, Apple first showed the features of their new operating system, iOS 12. This is a major release for iOS and a game changer for the mobile software industry. As expected, iOS 12 is also a surprise package. It has been already tagged as the new revolution for mobile phone’s software paradigm. There are a lot of changes in iOS 12 where Apple focuses on the performance improvements. Their focus is not limited to the new and upcoming devices since older versions of iPhones and iPads are considered.
Anyhow, from the technological point of view, Apple will be using Augmented Reality for the first time in their mobile applications. They will be introducing Augmented Reality powered Apple Books, previously known as iBooks and Measures, a new measurement app, with the release of iOS 12. Besides, there will be new features like Memoji, Screen Time, Bedtime, Group FaceTime and more. They have also improved the security code, password operations, and parental controls. In short, it can be said, with this iOS 12, Apple will demonstrate a glimpse of the future mobile technologies.
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