C. Orville McLeish

We Are Partaker's of God's Divine Nature

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Man fell from his original state, which had a negative cosmic effect on all creation. The word fell suggests a descent from our original form, function, structure, and faculty. We could no longer be identified in our original form. The process of faith in Yeshua (Jesus) is to take us back to where we fell from; it’s a transmutative and transfigurative process that seeks to complete the full restoration of our body back to its divine essence, allowing it to do all that it was made to do. Every believer needs to grow into the fullness of Christ until we are fully conformed to His image. We were always meant to become like Yeshua (Jesus) and function in the same capacity. This book is designed to challenge your present perception and paradigm and reestablish a biblical foundation with an open invitation to whomever will.
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    Missy Esparza - Zionцитуєторік
    We are the people who get shocked when the God that we say does the impossible performs it.
    Missy Esparza - Zionцитуєторік
    It is incredible some of the things a son of God experiences when in right relationship with God. T
    Missy Esparza - Zionцитуєторік
    There are endless possibilities to what God can do, and He never has to do the same thing twice unless He chooses to. This reality resides in every believer

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    Missy Esparza - Zion
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