Joanne Graham

Lacey's House

A lonely woman, treated with disdain and suspicion by her neighbors, finds an unlikely new friend in this “authentic and intensely heartfelt” novel (Ruth Dugdall, author of The Woman Before Me).
In Devon, England, Lacey Carmichael leads a solitary life. To her neighbors, she was just the old woman who lived at the end of the lane, crazy but harmless—until she was briefly suspected of murder.
When young artist Rachel Moore arrives in the village, escaping her own demons, the two women form an unlikely bond. Sharing tales of loss and heartache, they become friends. Rachel sees beyond the lingering rumors that have made Lacey a social outcast, believing in her innocence. But as details of Lacey’s life are revealed, Rachel is left questioning where the truth really lies…
“Joanne Graham is a great talent.”—Louise Douglas, author of The Secrets Between Us
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Legend Press
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    Love this book so interesting and perfect for all you ladies out there

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