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Alex Quick

102 Ways to Write a Novel

'For God's sake, keep your eyes open. Notice what's going on around you.' William S. Burroughs This step-by-step guide to the art and the craft of writing fiction is a refreshing blend of the practical (how to find an agent), with the more cerebral (how to handle point of view; the importance of rhythm). Throughout, Quick uses the hard-won experiences of his fellow novelists to give colour and depth to his own advice. Did you know, for instance, that Road Dahl wrote in a shed? That Nabokov composed his masterpieces on index cards? Or that most writers get their best work done in the mornings? Full of wit and lightly-worn erudition, 102 Ways to Write a Novel is an elegant, useful and even inspiring vade mecum. It will become a classic of its kind — the book no writer of fiction should be without.
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    Then draw off lines from the centre and at the ends of the lines put words such as ‘plot’, ‘characters’, ‘location’, ‘time frame’, ‘symbolism’, ‘emotions’, ‘suspense’, ‘point of view’, ‘other media’, ‘theme’, ‘genre’, or ‘conflicts’.
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    Put the title of the novel underneath, if you have one.
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    Start by writing the word ‘novel in the centre of a large sheet of paper.

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