Greg Molloy

Ham Radio

Do you want to discover everything there is to know about Ham Radio?

Well, then this book is what you are looking for!

In “Ham Radio: from Beginner to Badass”, you will learn how to start your very own radio station, what licence you need and everything there is to know about ham radio. Ham radio is becoming more and more popular these days, since a lot of old Ham Enthusiasts are coming back to the hobby. Ham Radio is truly a unique passion, and with this guide it will not have secrets anymore

Learn To Set Up Your Radio Station!

Broken down into concise chapters with easy to follow step by step instruction guides there's plenty of reasons to download this book and get started straight away.

From the basics and getting to know the features of ham radio, this book has a great overview of the settings, devices, accessories, licenses and tips to start from zero and become a master of ham radio!

Whether you are looking to build a radio station, share your passion with others, learn more about ham radio, or find out how to pass the ARRL exam, this guide will provide you all the information.

Do not wait any longer, download “Ham Radio: from Beginner to Badass” right away and start your journey from beginner to badass ham radio enthusiast!

What ham radio is
Common misconceptions about ham radio
Radiofrequency technology for idiots
How to get licensed
All about your ham hobby
How to build your station
Solutions to common problems
How to become and advanced ham
Beginners and experts tips
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