Andrea Gibson,Megan Falley

How Poetry Can Change Your Heart

How can a poem transform a life? Could poetry change the world? In this accessible volume, spoken-word stars Andrea Gibson and Megan Falley roll out the welcome mat and prove that poetry is for everyone. Whether lapsed poetry lovers, aspiring poets, or total novices, readers will learn to uncover verse in unexpected places, find their way through a poem when they don't quite “get it,” and discover just how transformative poetry can be. This is a gorgeous and inspiring gift for any fan of the written word.
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    We live in a culture that oppresses feelings (or, rather, depresses and buries them in work, to-do lists, social media, intoxicants of our choice, e
    Maria Skogstad Teglkampцитуєторік
    Welcome to a world where there are as many languages as there are people and it turns out there is a poet out there who is fluent in you.

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