Gloria Moses

Synthesizing Powerful Influence at Work and with Friends

Within the last few years several of those in the field of behavioral science have come to the fact based conclusion that we have the power to change anything in our lives we desire. By turning to those who have affected major change using their influence, we too can educate ourselves as to the steps that need to be taken to do the same. Years of practice and research have resulted in the development of principles as they apply to the depth of our influence, as well as strategies that can be learned and applied to affect the change you are looking for. You, too, can make changes take place in your life.Table of ContentsTopic OverviewLearn Skills of InfluenceYou Have InfluenceWhat the Scholars have to SayDr. M. SilbertDr. HopkinsThe Benefits of This New Understanding & AwarenessIdentify the Behaviors of FocusWhat do the Best Influencers Do?Make “Positive Deviance” a Research FocusBegin by strategically placing yourself right in the heart of the company or organization you want to change.Look for, and concentrate on learning about, inconsistencies.Take a close look at the success stories.Do Your Results Add Up?Begin to Influence EffectivelyThe Vicarious Experience…more believable for people in general than factual writings or statements.…easier to comprehend than lectures and books.…more apt to help us grasp a specific thing as a reality that is based on a thing or circumstance.Change needs to be an Unavoidable FactInfluence has Six SourcesPracticing & Perfecting the Elements of the Six SourcesSource: Ability as it Relates to StructureSource: Awareness of Personal MotivationSource: Using the Reward System to MotivateSource: Your Own Personal AbilitySource: Motivating SociallyUse Your Social AbilitiesDon’t Worry if it’s Not What They Want; It Can Be.Experiences Must be Fresh, Therefore they must be CreatedStimulate the Employees to Implement Changes in Personal MotivesGo Past Your Comfort Zone and Get Rid of those LimitsPut a Harness on the Peer PressureTwo or More are Better than OneAccountability is a Must, and a Rewards Incentive Program Should be Implemented.
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