Robert Johnson


The renowned Jungian psychologist and author of Transformation and Owning Your Own Shadow brings the hidden gift of ecstasy back into our lives.
Robert A. Johnson has taken tens of thousands of readers on spiritual and psychological journeys towards inner transformation. In Ecstasy, he reconnects with the powerful and life-changing ecstatic element that lies dormant—but long-repressed—within us.
Ecstasy was once considered a divine gift, Johnson tells us, one that could lift mortals out of ordinary reality and into higher world. But because Western culture has systematically repressed this ecstatic human impulse, we are unable to truly experience its transformative power.
Johnson penetrates the surface of modern life to reveal the ancient dynamics of our humanity, pointing out practical means for achieving a healthy expression of our true inner selves. Through dreams, rituals, and celebrations, he shows us how to return to these original life-giving principles and restore inner harmony.
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HarperCollins, HarperOne
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