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One Small Step Can Change Your Life: What Makes You Happy

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential”

Winston Churchill

Thoughts are material; they are directly related to what we receive and who we are. It is only by the power of thought that one can bring to life a new experience or set insurmountable walls. Much has been written on the topic of how this happens. I will not go deeper. I believe that it is not necessary to know thoroughly how the mobile phone works so that to speak of it. Thoughts are a tool that in skillful hands becomes, perhaps, the strongest of all four 'weapons.' It is not sufficient though. There must be an actual connection with the rest of the components.

Words are also a physical and powerful tool, especially words that are repeated and recorded. Hence the power of mantras and prayers in all religions is enormous. Some researchers of these issues, for example, Tony Robbins, argue that even changing some of the familiar words in one’s vocabulary about some situation can affect the whole process in a given topic. But this is rather a perfection of experience, and I want to focus only on right tools.

That’s what we do and where we apply energy in a physical manifestation. The following is the most common example

You did – you get.

You didn’t do – don’t be surprised.

But actions alone are also not enough for drastic changes. It’s too long and time-consuming, like walking around the world barefoot. Questionable though, it’s possible, on the other hand, spare your feet.  And what’s the point? – On the one hand, it is possible (although not a fact), on the other – you feel sorry for your legs. And what is good here? There are far more fascinating ways to see the world. You should not only do something but also use all other tools.

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