Christianity in China

Under a communist philosophy, China labeled religion as an opium and started to go about eliminating it. In the 70 years since then, the number of religious people in China, especially Christians, has increased year after year, contrary to government repression. The number of religious groups belonging to unofficial religious groups has increased significantly in recent years. Increasing religious practice under the Communist party system leads us to two questions. The first question is how far the Communist Party can control Christianity in China. China is characterized by the fact that part of politics is managing religion, and there is no separation of church and state in the opposite direction. However, the increasing of Christianity in recent years seems to be an indication of the limit. And the second question is what is the role and demand that Christianity plays in Chinese society. Despite belonging to unofficial Christian groups being risky in China, it is spreading not only to rural areas but also to cities. It means there are some reasons to encourage people. My hypothesis is that the management of religion by the Communist Party has reached its limits and that religious people will increase more and more in the future. Moreover, religion plays some important roles in Chinese society and it is difficult to remove from people's lives. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to investigate the role and influence of Christianity in China and reveal the limitation of governance by the communist party in China.
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