Maxwell Maltz

Live and Be Free Thru Psycho-Cybernetics

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This book offers a "self-study" program under the guiding hand of Maxwell Maltz and Charles Schreiber. The book provides you with practical tools; new, easy-to-grasp techniques for achieving greater personal growth. You will learn to form the habit of thinking positively, and it will reflect itself in your daily life. Now we have made available through this book, a program for you to follow, to learn how to improve your life in the privacy of your home or business. I predict the start of a new life for you-living free in just twenty-one days. I know this book will deepen your knowledge, and show you how to be “goal-directed.” You will live a more successful, happy life, because you will have learned to LIVE and FEEL FREE! Maxwell Maltz, M.D.
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    Good for your self motivated and behavior


    JAWAKUSUMA PUSTAKAцитує2 роки тому
    What I have today is a

    direct result of what I did

    yesterday; what I will have

    tomorrow is a direct result

    of what I do today. For

    this reason it is useless

    and silly for me to weep

    over my present situation.

    Yesterday is gone, and the

    past cannot be changed.

    If, however, I take action

    now, I can form the future.

    Work with what I have at the

    moment and build upon it, is what I

    must do, as it is in this way

    only that I may have what I want
    JAWAKUSUMA PUSTAKAцитує2 роки тому
    I’d like to have a friend sincere

    Loyal, considerate and kind.

    Who’s reliable, dependable,

    With a forgiving mind.

    Unselfish, understanding,

    How patient he would be

    It would be especially nice,

    If the friend I had was me.
    JAWAKUSUMA PUSTAKAцитує2 роки тому
    No one is really ever alive unless he is striving for a series of goals

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