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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Anne of Ingleside

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    b2795607793ділиться враженням2 роки тому

    So good. Loved all of it.

    Monica Frydlділиться враженням3 роки тому

    The continuing story of Anne is not quite what I imagined but I'm glad that her imagintion is being passed down to her children and the love between her and Gilbert is undying. Can't wait to read "Rainbow Valley"!

    mryakan10ділиться враженням7 років тому
    🙈Нічого не зрозумів
    🚀Неможливо відірватися

    I love all the green gabes books, but I think this one is one of the best ones!


    Sophia Darkoaцитує9 років тому
    "Withdraw thy foot from thy neighbour's house lest he weary of thee and hate thee."
    "Are you really well, Gilbert? You look frightfully tired. I know you're overdoing it."
    A wave or horror swept over Annie. Gilbert did look tired . . . frightfully tired . . . and she hadn't seen it until Christine pointed it out! Never would she forget the humiliation of that moment. ("I've been taking Gilbert too much for granted and blaming him for doing the same thing.")
    What was that? Somebody was coming up the stairs, three steps at a time, as Gilbert used to do long ago in the House of Dreams . . . as he had not done for a long time now. It couldn't be Gilbert . . . it was!
    He burst into the room . . . he flung a little packet on the table . . . he caught Anne by the waist and waltzed her round and round the room like a crazy schoolboy, coming to rest at last breathlessly in a silver pool of moonlight.
    "I was right, Anne . . . thank God, I was right! Mrs. Garrow is going to be all right . . . the specialist has said so."
    "Mrs. Garrow? Gilbert, have you gone crazy?"
    "Didn't I tell you? Surely I told you . . . well, I suppose it's been such a sore subject I just couldn't talk of it. I've been worried to death about it for the past two weeks . . . couldn't think of anything else, waking or sleeping. Mrs. Garrow lives in Lowbridge and was Parker's patient. He asked me in for a consultation . . . I diagnosed her case differently from him . . . we almost fought . . . I was sure I was right . . . I insisted there was a chance . . . we sent her to Montreal . . . Parker said she'd never come back alive . . . her husband was ready to shoot me on sight. When she was gone I went to bits . . . perhaps I was mistaken . . . perhaps I'd tortured her needlessly. I found the letter in my office when

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