Drafted To Serve Pope John Paul II

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An exciting and heartwarming, true story, of one man’s adventures in response to the news that the Pope was coming to visit his home town in 1993. Written in a narrative style, the reader is transported back in time with a ringside seat to the adventures and events leading up to his eventual participation in the festivities during the Pope’s visit to hold World Youth Day VIII in Denver, Colorado, USA in 1993. It reveals, for the first time, events in detail, kept secret for 20 years, so extraordinary that they can only be called miraculous.

This is an adventure story in and of itself. Beginning with the back story it provides you with an understanding of the characters involved by exposing the events and their activities leading up to the Pope’s arrival. Taking what had been submitted to the Vatican, the factual narration (film at 11 summary approach) was expanded into a descriptive story, including many of the individuals participating and the what, where, and how everything came about,

Some may see certain events in this story as miracles; others will not. You decide. And possibly you will find the answer that still eludes my partner and me. Of all the people on the planet, what, in all the heavens, prompted the Good Lord to draft two crazy characters, like us, into the service of Pope John Paul II?

Believe in Miracles – Ask for them – And they’ll Happen!
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