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George MacDonald

The Princess and the Goblin

The Princess and the Goblin is a children’s fantasy novel in the vein of the best classic fairy tales. The simple narrative follows Princess Irene as she discovers a ghostly relative living in a castle tower only she can access. During a walk outside one day, she encounters the threat of the lair of goblins living near the castle — and meets a new friend, a young miner named Curdie. She and Curdie must stop the goblin threat before they can carry out their evil plot.
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    People must be­lieve what they can, and those who be­lieve more must not be hard upon those who be­lieve less.
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    Then if you don’t know what I mean, what right have you to call it non­sense?
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    it is so silly of people to fancy that old age means crooked­ness and withered­ness and feeble­ness and sticks and spec­tacles and rheum­at­ism and for­get­ful­ness! It is so silly! Old age has noth­ing whatever to do with all that. The right old age means strength and beauty and mirth and cour­age and clear eyes and strong pain­less limbs.

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