Dana Pharant

The Inner Dominatrix Guide

Learning to become a Dominatrix challenged me to stand in a place of power, not power over as you would assume, but power with and through, willing to push people past what they thought were their limitations and into seeing themselves as much more than they ever considered to be possible. It taught me what real confidence was, what being deeply client focused looked like and most of all how to use the energy instead of force to get what I wanted.
Now, it is my honour to bring those gifts home for you in a way that you too can integrate the lessons from the dungeon to grow that profitable business that fills you with joy. To support you in the journey of your business and being able to lean way in on the challenges that are going to come your way as your grow.
This book blends action plans, critical mindset work, and the practical woo that you need to have the dream business you desire.
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