Nick Cotton,Kathy Rogers

Traffic-Free Cycle Trails South East England

Traffic-Free Cycle Trails: South East England by Nick Cotton and Kathy Rogers features over 100 great cycling routes across the South East, London and into Eastern England. A companion guide to Nick Cotton's much-loved and bestselling Traffic-Free Cycle Trails, this guidebook provides an additional fifty routes to discover across the south-east of England — all away from traffic.
As well as more off-road trails for gravel bikes and the latest cycle paths, this book also includes a variety of routes on former railway paths, canal towpaths and forest trails, allowing you to discover previously unknown local trails. Presented in an easy-to-use format, this guide includes information on public transport, repairs and bike hire, as well as updated refreshments and parking details. From friends looking for a fun-packed day out on the trails to parents planning safe rides with children, let Traffic-Free Cycle Trails: South East England take the work out of finding your next favourite cycling route.
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