Amber Brooks

15 Things Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Your Child

Every parent wants to see their children happy, successful, and most of all, healthy. Often times, however, ensuring that a child has the best chance at a healthy life can be out of the parents' hands. Developmental delays have long been viewed as something that parents have to handle as they happen; however, Dr. Amber Brooks, a Board Certified Pediatric Chiropractor has news that will change all that. 15 Things Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Your Child: Questions Answered About Developmental Delays is a remarkable new book by Dr. Brooks, DC, CACCP that helps parents understand how developmental delays can be caught early and even treated when found. Through outlining problems and symptoms that are often ignored by other doctors, the book points to things that can later be the root cause of the delay. Regardless of what stage you may be in with your child, this book will show you how to properly navigate the obstacles inherent with healing. By being proactive early on, this enlightening book teaches parents how to be informed and most of all, empowered to heal their children. This inspirational book is filled with real life examples and the medical basis and philosophies involved with their treatments. Spanning multiple diagnoses and all of their respective symptoms, Dr. Brooks, DC, CACCP lays out the information in a way that parents can truly understand and connect with the book. With an easy to read and comprehensive approach, 15 Things Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Your Child appeals to parents and doctors alike, while eliminating the need to read between the lines. Inspired by the huge void in medical and alternative models, the book combines the best of both worlds in order to care for each child individually, instead of treating them all alike. By removing the cookie cutter approach to children's medicine, readers are taught that we can do more for each child without the wait and see methodology used by some doctors. The book teaches that examining the whole child, rather than particular symptoms, can lead us to the correct wellness model to raise a healthy child. Using the book's revolutionary new model, readers can treat and ultimately prevent developmental delays in order to give their children the brightest possible future. Dr. Brooks, DC, CACCP is a pediatric expert who combines alternative and traditional medical methods to provide an individualized and comprehensive approach to pediatric wellness. She has dedicated her career to helping children around the world achieve their optimal health, and in her private practice at Whole Child Wellness, she has developed specialized treatments for today's biggest pediatric health problems. Her unique perspective of diagnosing the problem rather than treating the symptoms has led to remarkable results on a variety of disorders, and she looks forward to helping readers on their road to wellness.
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