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Shirley Cole

Communication In Relationships

Decode your relationships and discover why men are from Mars and women are from Venus…

A 75-year Harvard study found that love is the secret to a fulfilling life.

But if that´s true, why do so many people break up?

The #1 reason for the dramatic increase in breakups is that we don´t take time for real communication within our relationship.

The key to any relationship is good communication.

In a fast-paced life where everything needs to be quicker and more efficient, there is no time to waste. 
You only listen to the words your partner say, but you forget to interpret the needs that he or she sends in hidden messages.

The key to any relationship is good communication.

In “Communication in Relationships”, you´ll discover:

♦ The secret language to maintain healthy and fulfilling relationships in all areas of life
♦ How to ensure that others understand your needs 
♦ How to read the invisible hints someone gives
♦ How to overcome relationship barriers 
♦ The #1 skill for meaningful conversations
♦ How to use communication at work for more success and satisfaction in your job
♦ How to express negative emotions without erupting like a volcano 
♦ How to deal with toxic relationships and never be manipulated again
♦ How to create a romantic fairytale relationship and live happily ever after 
♦ Why not all communication is good communication and how to communicate effectively 
♦ 17 relationship killers and how to overcome them
And much, much more.

As a bonus, each chapter ends with a Quick tip box to make sure you can apply the essentials skills for good communication.
Even if you call yourself a relationship expert, there are still hidden secrets about the other gender you probably haven´t heard of.
We all know how much happiness love brings into our lives. Yet, life can be unpredictable and unexpected life circumstances might be challenging for your relationship. 
It is important to be prepared and know how someone of the opposite sex responds facing challenging situations and what this means for the communication between the two of you.
Discover the lens others use to see the world.
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Shirley Cole
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  • Милана Маргушеваділиться враженням3 роки тому

    Ну такое. Основная информация о том, как продуктивно общаться с людьми. Нет ничего такого, до чего взрослый человек мог бы и сам додуматься.


  • stray moonieцитує4 роки тому
    If you work in a stressful and negative environment, you’re going to be stressed and negative for a large proportion of your life — this inevitably seeps into your home life and forms the outlook and mindstate that you wake up with every day.
  • lizavlasenkoцитує5 місяців тому
    won’t validate the way they feel they’ll only grow to resent you in the long run.
  • lizavlasenkoцитує5 місяців тому
    won’t validate the way they feel they’ll only grow to resent you in the long run.

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