Stephen Fleming

Woodturning for Beginners Handbook

When Rude Osolnik was asked, “Rude, how do I become a good turner?” he replied

“Stand at the lathe.”

Well, that's the key!

Of all the woodworking crafts I have practiced, Turning demands most patience and focus.

As you start, you have to find your comfort zone with a lathe, chisels, and other tools. After some practice, your mind and body would get attenuated to the ecosystem of Turning.

As lathe is involved and the wood item revolves fast, always remember that overconfidence and lack of focus are not options. So find your sweet spot of how long you can work at a stretch.

When I first started woodcraft, I looked desperately for a go-to guide about the processes and tools I would need.

The content I found online was total information overload and wasn't presented sequentially. The books I looked at were either focused on just a few processes or assumed that I already had the necessary information. A lot of the books were also very dated.

There are two ways of learning; one is learning from SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) with years of experience, and the other is to learn from people who are just a few steps ahead of you in their journey.

I fall into the latter group. I have spent five years on this hobby and am still learning from the experts.

I still remember the initial doubts I had and the tips that helped me.

This book is for those who are still running their first lap (0–3 years) in wood-crafting and want to have a holistic idea of the processes and tools they need.

Topics Covered

✓      Introduction to Wood Turning

✓      Process & Techniques

✓      Finishing

✓      Safety and Best Practices

✓      10 Beginner Woodturning Projects

✓      Tips, Glossary, and Conclusion

I have included ample photographs of realistic beginner projects, and I will explain the processes and standard operating procedures associated with them.

In the last chapter, I have provided tips for beginners and a glossary of woodturning terms.

So what are you waiting for?

Get this updated book from someone who is a few steps ahead in the Wood Turning journey!

“If you don't blow up a bowl now and then, you are not aren't trying hard enough”— D. Raffin, Master Woodturner.
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Stephen Fleming
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