Mikhail Lerma

Z-Plan: Blood on the Sand

A U.S. soldier in Iraq faces unimaginable horrors when the war-torn country is overrun by zombies in this apocalyptic military thriller.
When Cale was sent to Iraq, he had the typical feelings of any soldier going to war: missing his family, unease about taking a human life, and the fear of never returning home. But of all the concerns that crossed Cale’s mind, he never thought he’d face a zombie apocalypse.
After a massive zombie attack on their base, Cale and a few other soldiers desert their posts and begin the long journey home through the harsh terrain of the desert; a barren landscape swarming with not only undead cannibals, but also the enemy they were sent to fight.
Inspired by the author’s own experiences as a U.S. Army Soldier in Iraq, Blood on the Sand delves into the idea of not just surviving a zombie apocalypse but making the seemingly impossible trek home.
199 паперових сторінок
Дата публікації оригіналу
Permuted Press



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