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Saveur: Soups & Stews

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“More than 100 global soup recipes from the editors of Saveur magazine show the range of flavors that can go into soup.”—Oregon Live
From the editors of America’s favorite culinary magazine, Saveur: Soups & Stews features recipes from the magazine’s archives and editors paired with enticing full-color photography, sidebars, and more. Dip your spoons into Beet Stew with Lamb Meatballs, Japanese Miso Chicken Meatball Hot Pot, Post-Thanksgiving Turkey Soup, Russian Salmon Soup, Maine Shrimp Chowder, Senegalese Okra & Seafood Stew, Shoyu Ramen, Umbrian Vegetable Soup, Finnish Blueberry Soup, Beer Cheese Soup, and more.
With a masterful selection of soups and stews that celebrate the brand’s authority, heritage, and culinary wealth, this cookbook is for everyone who relishes cooking at home to Saveur’s standard of excellence. These authentic, diverse, and from-the-source recipes feature a range of techniques and cuisines and will inspire home cooks everywhere.
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