Barrington Barber

Anyone Can Paint

It's true — anyone can paint! Even if you have seldom done so before, it's never too late to pick up a brush and have a go. In this book, professional artist and inspirational teacher Barrington Barber demonstrates step-by-step methods of painting in watercolours, acrylics and oils. He explores the use of colour and shows how the different techniques and effects of each medium can be applied to a range of subjects, including still lifes, landscapes, portraits and buildings.
Finished artworks in each medium give an idea of the results that can be achieved, and examples of composition, technique and style show how famous artists have evolved their own painting methods.
Through practice, and by following the guidance in this book, you will hopefully discover the enjoyment and fulfilment that can be found in learning how to paint.
• step-by-step tuition
• beautiful examples
• suitable for beginners and improving artists
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Arcturus, Arcturus Publishing
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