Jeffrey Wells Falconer

This Timeless Breath

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“This Timeless Breath” is the distillation of lessons learned over a half-century of meditation practice.  Jeff Falconer’s abiding passion through many interesting and colorful phases of spiritual exploration, (none of which he regrets), has been refining his practice down to the essentials.

His non-denominational approach to meditation, where no new beliefs need be adopted and no existing beliefs need be shed, simply reflects Falconer’s conviction that while many forms of meditation are connected to larger systems of religious or philosophical thought, the practice of meditation can be quite satisfying without such affiliations.

The pure and direct enjoyment of the energy of life, via relaxed mindfulness on the breath, the body, and the many gifts of human awareness, can reward the meditator with new calm, clarity, and connection with life in all its forms.

“This Timeless Breath” is not intended as a revolutionary departure from existing forms of meditation, which have countless satisfied adherents, but rather as a breath of fresh air and hint of possibilities for individuals who may want the liberating benefits of mindfulness without external trappings or promises of undying loyalty. The writing is joyous, intimate, and free of hierarchy. The techniques of the practice are clearly presented in step-by-step fashion, with attention paid to potential pitfalls as well as pleasures. There’s even a joke or two. This booklet will fit easily into pocket, purse or backpack, and can be read in a day, or opened at random to a page or paragraph for inspiration.

For both the beginning meditator and the seasoned practitioner, as well as folks who are simply curious and considering giving meditation a try, “This Timeless Breath” will provide a valuable enhancement to anyone’s inner journey.
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