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Natsu Hyuuga

The Apothecary Diaries: Volume 8 (Light Novel)

The whole capital seems to have gone Go-crazy when Lakan publishes a book about his games. He’s got even bigger plans, holding a Go tournament that’s open to all—and rumor has it that if anyone can topple the strategist himself, he’ll grant them any single request they might ask. Jinshi sees an opportunity.

But it’s not all fun and games, as Jinshi learns when reports arrive of crops devastated by a plague of locusts in a remote village. All his attempts to forestall the insects’ devastation will soon be put to the test, and the outcome may mean survival or starvation.
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Kevin Steinbach
Touko Shino
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  • Cecily Jessupділиться враженням7 місяців тому

    The last few books I’ve found it harder to hold my interest. This one was better than the last few and I understand this isn’t a romance novel and that’s what made it so good! Because there was an actual storyline with some mystery and a romantic interest. The author has to realize that readers are going to root for the relationship to flourish. It’s becoming repetitive I wish the author would have Maomao’s feelings toward Jinshi start to grow as-well. The way this volume ended I was sooo excited to start the next one and it was more of the same so I closed the app and went to sleep. As much as I enjoy the scenes with them two Im always left feeling unsatisfied Im ready for something more and I know I can’t be the only one

  • catділиться враженням8 місяців тому
    🚀Неможливо відірватися

    I have a feeling I'm gonna enjoy the hell out of the next volume

  • Sofia Ruiz Bohorquezділиться враженням3 місяці тому

    BRO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN???!?!? Omgogmgofmigmfogmdkfl


  • lethanhthaonguyen071006цитує7 місяців тому
    I can’t even ask my lady-in-waiting to help me change my clothes now, let alone allow a doctor to see me. And above all...” He got to his feet, wrapping one arm around Maomao’s torso and pulling her with him. The cloth that had been cooling his midriff slid off.
    “W-Wait! Master Jinshi!” Maomao tried to fight him, but with his wound right there, she couldn’t struggle too hard.
    “My wife will have to be a woman I can trust implicitly.”
  • Princess Thea Enriquezцитує6 місяців тому
    had all the physical prowess of a limp bean sprout,
  • Sofia Ruiz Bohorquezцитує3 місяці тому
    Then she heard a long exhalation, and Jinshi said, “You don’t have to worry. I understand.” Then he stroked her bangs. “Anyhow, I’m told I’m only decently sized...”

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