Anne Sophie Jørgensen

Tantra for a Modern World

About the book Tantra for a Modern Worl

A central theme in Anne Sophie Jørgensen’s authorship is tantra. She revives a thousand year old eastern tradition and translates its practice into a modern context. Established couples, new couples and singles are invited to integrate spirituality, compassion and sexuality with a busy everyday life.

A few topics from the book are:

How to go from traditional lovers to a tantric relationship
Unfolding the full sexual potential
Body meets body, heart meets heart, and soul meets soul

The book contains many personal accounts of tantric experiences from Anne Sophie’s students, and all chapters are followed by instructive practical exercises.
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Gyldendal, Borgen
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    tantra is the natural sexuality that flows as a broad and calm river through a beautiful landscape
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    To look at sexual difficulties in isolation gives no meaning. They need to be seen within a bigger context and tantra can supply this
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    Tantra is sex with energy awareness (which means awareness of how energy works). Therefore it is obvious for people who already work with personal growth, meditation and spirituality to include sexuality in their process.

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