Tom Rannachan

Psychic Scotland

In Psychic Scotland, Scottish psychic medium and paranormal investigator Tom Rannachan takes us on a dark journey through the supernatural side of his native land. He shares clairvoyant incidents that happened in the early days and some of the truly frightening paranormal experiences he has had. Witness Scotland through the eyes of someone who has been in contact with 'the other side' since he was a young boy and read about the moments when he encountered the dark side of his country's history. Psychic Scotland takes us to some famous and not-so-famous haunted locations where the reader can relive Tom's experiences and the emotions he feels as long-dead spirits make themselves known. Tom also describes the different methods that can be used for 'tuning in' to a place with paranormal activity and explains how you can decipher what is fact and what is fiction when investigating ghostly phenomena. Psychic Scotland is a unique piece of work within this field. It is a history book, an autobiography and a paranormal guidebook all rolled into one astonishing journey.
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Дата публікації оригіналу
Black & White Publishing



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