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Helena Angel

How To Be Happy: Overcoming Depression (Positive Thinking Book)

The depression is not just melancholy or sadness. Emptiness, fatigue, tensity, confusion, loss of sense of life, sense of hopelessness, the absence of connection with reality, lowered self-esteem — these are far not all symptoms of the depression. After all, it affects your thoughts, feelings, behavior, and even your body. The most unpleasant thing is, perhaps, the fact that the depression physically affects our brain. Yes, you’ve heard it right — the hippocampus reduces significantly, causing problems with memory and concentration. But there is good news as well: this process is reversible.

The depression is not a farfetched condition, not just a ‘bad mood’ or an ‘a spell of bad luck.’ It is a severe disease with its symptoms and consequences which require treatment. Diagnosing its signs is important. Do not turn away from your family and friends, help them, if you suspect that something is wrong. Attend a specialist to get timely aid if you identify such signs in yourself.

Consequences of the depression may vary significantly, from full loss of efficiency to suicide. For the time being, the depression is the most widespread mental disease in the world! According to statistics, every tenth person suffers from it. Just think of this number!

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