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Paul Forkan,Rob Forkan

Tsunami Kids

Rob and Paul Forkan are the co-founders of Gandys Flip Flops and Orphans for Orphans. They have written their story with the co-operation of younger siblings Mattie and Rosie, who also shared their unimaginable journey.
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Michael O'Mara
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    A big family undoubtedly throws up challenges, but we all knew that whenever the chips were down everyone would close ranks and stick together.
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    We still managed to beat people who were coached, however, because we had very good coordination and were very competitive.
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    There was always something going on in the house or, more often, in the garden. From a very young age we were expected to be outside. If it wasn’t raining and we weren’t at school, we were told to go out and play. We had a television but it was rarely watched and wouldn’t get turned on until the evening.
    ‘Why are you sitting in here, go outside and play,’ was Dad’s mantra if he caught any of us loafing around indoors.

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