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I wrote this book because after looking far and wide for a similar one which specialized in Web Design for Authors–I couldn't find any! I'm an author and have written seven books, both fiction and non-fiction. Not only did I see a deficit of material in the how-to category regarding writing a book but I knew that there was a major gap in finding a Turnkey Manual like this one which covered not only the writing aspect but how to optimize, promote and setup an Author Website.
Most every web designer I've seen will only set up an author website under the author's name, and then just let it sit there and not optimize it. This will result in very low to nil exposure on the Web. We actively recommend appropriate domain names and the use of key phrases which are appropriate to your genre and your books, and then above and beyond that we instruct how to optimize your website with major Press Releases.
So I set out on the long journey to condense everything in one easy-to-read package. Here it is. According to a recent study over 81% of Americans would like to write a book–that's over 200 Million people! This book will show you how–and not only how but most importantly how to design a Website, a Landing or Sales Page and how to market your book!
An Info-Book or a Novel are unique in that they can develop a revenue stream for you day in and out–holidays and weekends–for the rest of your life!
Over a period of ten years I've worked for a variety of Fortune 1000 companies. I've written creative, educational and technical copy. I've written seven books–several were in print and the others were distributed online. One of the books was a mystery novel, and others were non-fiction books.
My passion is writing and web development–my wife and I develop Web Sites for Authors and Writers. We're copywriters as well so we not only develop the websites but we write the text for them. Without good copy–text–you won't keep the reader's attention.
I'm also a Search Engine Optimization Consultant, so we not only design, but write and optimize the Web Pages. Now this book is quite detailed, and if you follow it you can do the same yourself. Your ultimate goal is to have an optimized Website that has all of the key pages–Home, About the Author, Contact, Books, Newsletter, Excerpts, and Privacy. Step-by-step this book provides you with the information–this book is your Ultimate Guide to setting up a successful Website!
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