John Henrik Clarke


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  One-hundred feet below the surface of the frozen Ross Sea, crushed between 200 feet of glacial ice and volcanic rock, lies the remains of an ancient flying saucer and the unidentifiable remains of its luckless pilot. U.S. Navy divers have been tasked in a top— secret mission to extract information from that crash site.  In this third and final book of the Jason Parker Trilogy, government scientists Jason Parker and Laura Smith join forces with an investigative reporter, a blind remote viewer, an Osage Marine from the Oklahoma Tzu Washtaki clan, a synesthete cosmologist, and a Troll named Truman, to save the world. In the midst of threats and squabbles between the U.S. and China, while Navy SEALS grapple in underwater hand-to-hand combat with Chinese divers, and conflicts erupt both on and off planet, world survival remains uncertain. On Mars and its moons, Earth’s Polar Regions, and the deep sea off Taiwan and the U.S. East coast, the light side and dark side of U.S. Intelligence competes to gain advantage in a world where insidious genetic warfare may hold the upper hand. But like swords and plowshares, there are two sides to human genetics. In the right hands, it might be the solution to saving humanity.
With a planetary cataclysm bearing down on Earth, without warning, Parker, Smith, and the U.S. President attempt to convince the Earth’s leaders that cooperation is the key to survival. Will their pleas go unheard? Will humanity survive its greatest threat?
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