Chera Zade,Steele Star

Surrender Bundle: Barbarians, Guards and Vikings

Three innocent beauties willingly surrender their untouched bodies to groups of barbarians, guards and Vikings in these sexy historical stories from Chera Zade.

Naïve and inexperienced Princess Aurelia offers herself to barbarian chieftain Zarek and his four brothers for the powerful men to take her together, hard and for the first time.

Headstrong Lady Catherine shows Queen Elizabeth I the one thing she can never experience: what it's like to be used by the rough relentless soldiers of the palace guard.

Lady Gwen must willingly surrender every hole of her luscious body to the whole Viking crew in order to have their virile chief, Erik.

These three stand-alone stories include highly explicit oral and double penetrative sex and submission, public spanking and masturbation, exhibition and voyeurism.
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