Anne Cassidy,Monika Agarwal,Berit Brandth,Angela Calvo,Chrysanthi Charatsari,Donatella Greco,Elisabeth Garner,Francesca Alice Centrone,Jessica Duncan,Majda Cernic Istenic,Margaret Alston,Marit S. Haugen,Megan Canning,Susie Jac,Wendy Harcourt

Gender and Rural Globalization

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This book explores how rural gender relations are changing in a globalizing world that fundamentally impacts on the structure of agricultural life in rural areas and urban-rural relations. It analyses the development of rural gender relations in specific places around the world and looks into the effects of the increasing connectivity and mobility of people across places. The themes covered are: gender and mobility, gender and agriculture, Gender and rural politics, rurality and Gender identity and women and international development. Each theme has an overview of the state of the art in that specific thematic area and integrates the case-studies that follow.
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