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Kat Smutz

American Slavery: History in an Hour

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Love history? Know your stuff with History in an Hour.
From the first slaves arriving in Jamestown in 1619, the cotton fields in the Southern States and shipbuilding in New England, to the slaves who laid down their lives in war so that Americans could be free, American Slavery in an Hour covers the breadth of the subject without sacrificing important historical and cultural details.
An important and dark time in Black — and American — history, American Slavery in an Hour will explain the key facts and give you a clear overview of this much discussed period of history, as well as its legacy in modern America.
Know your stuff: read the history of American Slavery in just one hour.
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    The State of Massachusetts retaliated by passing the Personal Liberty Act that same year. This new legislation made enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Act difficult. It gave rights to runaways, raised the standard for proof of ownership, and made it impossible for state officers to enforce the Fugitive Slave Law by stripping the commissions of lawyers who represented slave owners
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    Under the Fugitive Slave Law, any African-American, free or slave, could be accused of being a runaway. As they had no rights, they were not entitled to a trial or to speak in their own defence. Slaveholders could prove ownership by appearing before a magistrate and offering oral testimony that the slave was theirs without providing any documented proof
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    Despite this opposition, war did ensue, Mexico was defeated and the United States gained more territory that was added to Texas. But as a result of the same war, the United States also gained California, which would become a free state, along with a large portion of what would become the American south-west

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