John C Goodpasture

Maximizing Project Value: A Project Manager's Guide

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Maximizing project value is about optimizing the tradeoff between project value and business value, two values that are constantly in tension between the project manager and the project sponsor. In this book the author brings his wealth of experience in project management to demonstrate how to increase a project's value and ultimately contribute to the attainment of business goalsFrom exploring the nature of &quote;value,&quote; as tangible resources and moral or ethical attributes, to how best to approach decision-making, the book offers thorough coverage of this essential aspect of project management. The tools and methods the author describes include: Building the business case Using a project balance sheet Employing earned value Introducing game theory for optimizing strategiesThis valuable reference should be on the desk of every project sponsor, business stakeholder, project manager, portfolio manager, project practitioner, and functional manager. ContentsUnderstanding the Value of Projects Value Flow from Goals through Strategy Building the Business Case Teamwork Delivers Value Judgment and Decision-Making as Value Drivers Understanding the Project Balance Sheet The Future of Requirements Delivering Earned Value Postproject Value Attainment Monetized Value Portfolios for Value Management Optimizing Payoff with Game Theory. About the AuthorJohn C. Goodpasture, PMP, is managing principal at Square Peg Consulting, LLC. He has dedicated his career to system engineering and program management, first as program manager at the National Security Agency for a system of &quote;national technical means&quote; and then as director of system engineering and program management for a division of Harris Corporation. He retired from Lanier Worldwide as vice president for Professional Services Process and Projects. Mr. Goodpasture has authored numerous papers, industry magazine articles, and books on project management, including Managing Projects for Value, also published by Management Concepts Press.
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