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Mark Twain

The Prince and the Pauper

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    They made beggars of the children, but failed to
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    feasted and danced and sang, and got very mellow
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    Among, but not of, the dreadful rabble that inhabited the house, was a good old priest whom the King had turned out of house and home with a pension of a few farthings, and he used to get the children aside and teach them right ways secretly.
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    lament his shabby
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    smarting from a thrashing

    боль от побоев

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    coated with plaster
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    criss-cross beams
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    Everybody took a holiday, and high and low, rich and poor, feasted and danced and sang, and got very mellow; and they kept this up for days and nights together. By day, London was a sight to see, with gay banners waving from every balcony and housetop, and splendid pageants marching along. By night, it was again a sight to see, with its great bonfires at every corner, and its troops of revellers making merry around them

    Anot. 1: Celebration: The people of England are ecstatic over Prince Edward’s birth. Social classes all over are filled with gladness.

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    mad for joy
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    But the next moment he was himself disturbed by it, and showed discomposure; for this was the only service he had been permitted to do with his own hands during the meal, and he did not doubt that he had done a most improper and unprincely thing.

    Но в следующее мгновение он и сам встревожился и смутился, потому что это была единственная услуга, которую ему позволили сделать собственными руками во время трапезы, и он не сомневался, что совершил самый неподобающий и нечестный поступок.

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