Henry Kuttner

Murder of a Mistress

A San Francisco psychoanalyst once again turns amateur sleuth when a playgirl patient is the prime suspect in a prostitute’s murder.
Dr. Michael Gray is constantly getting drawn into the lives, and murders, of his troubled clientele. His keen eye for human behavior leads him to meet some of San Francisco’s most memorable denizens—and to forever be in mortal danger.
Beverly Bond was the kind of girl men didn’t tell their wives about. She was blond, beautiful, and your friend—for a price. After she’s found with a knife in her chest and her apartment ablaze, four people confessed to her murder. The evidence, meanwhile, points to reckless heiress Eileen Herrick, one of Gray’s patients, who phoned Gray after fleeing Bond’s apartment building.
Believing Herrick is innocent, Gray sets out to solve the killing of a young woman who knew too much about too many men who had too damned much to lose . . .
Praise for Henry Kuttner
“A neglected master.” —Ray Bradbury
“Kuttner is magic.” —Joe R. Lansdale
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