David Haig

My Boy Jack

The tragic story of how Rudyard Kipling sent his son to his death in the First World War.
The year is 1913 and war with Germany is imminent. Rudyard Kipling's determination to send his severely short-sighted son to war triggers a bitter family conflict which leaves Britain's renowned patriot devastated by the warring of his own greatest passions: his love for children — above all his own — and his devotion to King and Country.
My Boy Jack premiered at Hampstead Theatre, London, in October 1997. It was adapted for television in 2007, with a cast of Kim Cattrall, Carey Mulligan, Daniel Radcliffe, and the author himself as Kipling.
'dramatises Kipling's story beautifully. The family confrontations bristle with life' Financial Times
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    I feel . . . more dead than alive. When Josephine died, part of me died with her. But I sewed up the wound. I recovered, to a degree. But now I feel . . . more . . . dead than alive.
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    Jack was eighteen years and six weeks old. He died in the rain, he couldn’t see a thing, he was alone, in pain, you can’t persuade me there is any glory in that.
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    CARRIE. I’m so relieved that you see the death of our only son as such a positive and uplifting event. I am sincerely relieved that you are at ease with it all. I mean we have to look for the good in all this and your . . . I don’t know what to call it, your contentment shall we say, is a bonus isn’t it?

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