Kelly Hessels

Social Confidence

This eBook is the best place where you will find all the information which is required to interact with the people around you. It has become essential to communicate with the people and in a manner which can impress them so you can excel in your career and your personal life as well. You should know when to speak and when not to. All the do’s and do not’s are available in this book with awesome chapters which will guide you perfectly where you can improve. There are different tips which you can adopt and learn from them as well.

Here are some the chapters which you can follow to learn:

How To Make A Small Talk
Create A Great First Impression With These Awesome Ways
Tips to Improve Nonverbal Communication for First Impression
How To Introduce Yourself To Someone New
Tips to Improve Verbal Communication for First Impression
How to develop your people skills
How to deepen the relationship
How to build intimacy with someone new
How To Flirt Without Showing That You Are Flirting
Learn Ways For Advanced Communication Skills
Tips to end a conversation positively
49 паперових сторінок
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