William Robinson

Woman / Her Sex and Love Life



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    Nothing, nothing can fill the void made by the lack of love. The various activities may help to cover up the void, to protect it from strange eyes, they cannot fill it.
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    han pleasure. I beg you to relieve me of her."
    But Twashtri cried: "Go your way and do the best you can." And the man cried: "I cannot live with her!" "Neither can you live without her!" replied Twashtri.
    And the man went away sorrowful, murmuring: "Woe is me, I can neither live with nor without her."
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    chill of snow, the chatter of the jay and the cooing of the turtle dove.
    He combined all these and formed a woman. Then he made a present of her to man. Eight days later the man came to Twashtri, and said: "My Lord, the creature you gave me poisons my existence. She chatters without rest, she takes all my time, she laments for nothing at all, and is always ill; take her back;" and Twashtri took the woman back.
    But eight days later the

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