Peter Bisson,Ronald Evans,Laura E. Reimer,Loretta Ross,Brian Rice,Robert Chrismas,Annette Trimbee,Christa Yeates,Dale McFee,David Barnard,Joseph Garcea,Mikayla Leanne Plett,Paul Vogt

Our Shared Future

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This edited collection provides deep insights and varied perspectives of innovative and courageous efforts to reconcile the conflicts that have characterized the history of Indigenous people, settlers, and their descendants in Canada. From the opening chapter, the volume contextualizes why Canada is on a reconciliation journey, and how that journey is far from over. It is a multi-disciplinary treatise on decolonization, peacebuilding, and conflict transformation that is a must-read for those scholars, students, and practitioners of peacebuilding seeking a deeper understanding of reconciliation, decolonization, and community-building. Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars and influencers from across Canada describe positive conflict transformation through various lenses, including education, economics, business, land sharing, and justice reform. The authors describe their personal and professional journeys, offering insights and research into how individuals and institutions are responding to reconciliation. Each chapter provides readers with windows into the tangible ways that Canadians are building a peaceful shared future, together.
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