Erich Fromm,Michael Maccoby

Social Character in a Mexican Village

“[A] groundbreaking study combining psychoanalytical and anthropological methods to analyse the impact of industrialization on ‘peasants.’” —Booknews
The renowned psychoanalyst Erich Fromm analyzed more than just general society and societal processes. Together with Michael Maccoby, he completed a study of Mexican villagers to empirically illustrate how historical, economic, and social requirements determine behavior.
Social Character in a Mexican Village does much more than introduce a new approach to the analysis of social phenomena. It throws new light on one of the world’s most pressing problems, the impact of the industrialized world on the traditional character of the laboring class. Unanimously, the book is an outstanding introduction to Fromm’s concept of social character.
“Fromm and Maccoby have written a study of crucial importance.” —Richard J. Barnet, Institute for Policy Studies
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