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James Ryan

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

In this book, we will provide you with everything you need to know about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as the reasons why it's being considered one of the most effective treatments for certain emotional disorders. We'll go through the basics and essentials that beginners have to understand before they start their treatments, as well as the different benefits one can gain from it. Included are the various issues it is known to treat effectively, and the philosophy behind it.

Aside from this, we also provide you with introductions into the different techniques used in CBT. Many of these techniques are meant to tackle particular issues, and that is one of the great things about CBT. It provides very focused treatments and sets specific goals for the therapist and their client to achieve. We delve into the connection between our thoughts, feelings and behavior—how all three affect each other and how making small changes can result in significant positive results in our lives.

As you go through the book you will understand the process better and why CBT is the most proven method for successfully treating mental sufferings.

Exactly what you will learn…

The benefits of CBTHow to reprogram your brain to overcome mental sufferingsUnderstanding how your mind worksDifferent Cognitive Distortions and how to be aware of itHow to employ CBT tools and Maximize themChallenging unhelpful, intrusive thoughtsHow to break bad habits forever!Other situational CBT exercisesAnd much more…

So grab this book today and start your journey to becoming completely free from depression, anxiety and phobias!
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Ryan James

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